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New Cover Developments...

ISO9001 Accreditation - external audit passed again!

Looking forward - how is 2016 going?



We were delighted to announce that as from 8th January 2016 all Cambrai Covers are made to meet ISO9001-2008 - our brand new accreditation standard! The team worked very hard to achieve this quality standard, and we passed our Certification Audit without a single non-conformance. Our customers always said we made the best covers - now our external auditors agree! The next step to the latest standard - ISO9001-2015 - has begun and we expect our final audit in November 2017.

Watch this space!!



Twenty one colours?? Yes, really! Taking advantage of an increased colour range at our suppliers, we are delighted to be able to supply our covers in a much wider range of colours!

From classic to military to modern, Cambrai Covers can now express your personal taste, the period of the aircraft or even a special colour scheme...

All made in our well trusted and highly regarded Acrylic fabrics, the quality and longevity of all our colours is outstanding... why not view the colours right now? HERE



So what did 2016 have in store for us? Well, good question! First I'd like to say an enormous 'Thank You' to every customer that has ensured we have been kept busy for another year. It has been another year in which we never know what we will be asked for next - some very unusual jobs indeed, and all very welcome...

Once again we hear that familiar war cry 'Please don't say 'no' - we have no where else to try!'... Don't worry, we won't!.

2016 was, of course, the year of 'Brexit'... Quite where it will all pan out has yet to be seen, however we can assure all our export customers that it's 'business as usual'! We strongly regard ourselves and a Global company so, whilst we might be based in rural East Yorkshire, England, our friends and customers span the world and always will be a welcome part of our growing 'Family'.


...not forgetting the success of our new, bespoke deisgned Cielo Leather range! More news of which coming your way soon!

We have a great team of people here, and we are always prepared to do our best to fulfill your needs, even if it isn't strictly aircraft covers! We have grown the team back to strength, which will see reducing lead times and the introduction of a rapid response 'AOG' service - more about that in a little while...

Last, but by no means least, I'd like to say thank you to our team here at Cambrai Covers. As well for dilgently turning out consistently high quality covers despite the pressure - we really have been very busy!- they rally round to make sure all the bases are covered, especially when we are team members short due to exhibitions and holidays...

but yes, we do let them out to play sometimes!

We all agree that we are very optimistic of another excellent year in 2017!



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