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Cambrai Covers Agent - Guido Pellicioli, Switzerland

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After a career in technical Sales to the electrical distribution industry, Guido decided that a change was due! In 2009 he founded IAMPS PELLICIOLI based at Birrfeld Airfield not far from Zurich, Switzerland. As well as offering a range of aircraft management services, Guido is a full time flying instructor and also flies historic aircraft on the Swiss airshow circuit!

Services: In 2009, IAMPS PELLICIOLI were awarded the Cambrai Covers agency for the whole of Switzerland. In December 2009 and January 2010 we delivered the first sets of covers to Birrfeld. These were for Jodel D11 and D1050, Pilatus P3 and Guido's own AS202 Bravo.

Early in 2010 we are due to deliver another full set of covers for the Diamond DA42 Twinstar. Many of these covers will be available for you to inspect - please contact IAMPS Pellicioli at the link above.

We are delighted to have IAMPS PELLICIOLI and Guido as part of our European team and we look forward to receiving your enquiries!


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