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The reputation of Cambrai Covers is spreading! Aircraft owners the world over have started to recognise the quality, durability and great protection provided by our covers, and we now receive many orders from clients in Europe and the rest of the world...

To assist people who are not natural English speakers - and to provide advice closer to home - we have linked up with organisations in various countries who will provide information about Cambrai Covers, and where you can place orders in your own language and receive support and after-sales care.

Please use the links below to contact our link organisation in your country.

If you are not sure who to contact, or if you are interested in selling Cambrai Covers in your home country, please EMAIL


Willi Krappinger's Flying School in Innsbruck...the first there to experience the benefits of fitting a Cambrai Cover...and now our sales contact for Austria!

Ceske Republika / Czech Republic

Andrea Pixová

PIPER OK, a.s.
OK Aircraft Service, s.r.o.

TEL (+420) 318 690 644
FAX (+420) 318 690 645
GSM (+420) 602 251 029


Jörg Beck

Flugschule Ochsenflug
 Mobil 0178-2634500
 Schellnhäuser Str. 11
 36325 Feldatal


Guido Pellicioli Profile

IAMPS Pellicioli
Industrie & Aviation Service
Flugplatz Birrfeld
CH-5242 Lupfig
Tel. 079 636 53 46

Norway Sweden Denmark
Øyvind Øglend
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