Cambrai Covers Terms and Conditions

1. Cambrai Covers are specifically designed and intended as protective ground equipment for ground use ONLY. Cambrai Covers DO NOT form part of the flight equipment of any aircraft under any circumstances. It is permissible to carry a Cambrai Cover onboard an aircraft in the baggage hold packed into the carry bag provided and properly secured and at the discretion and responsibility of the Pilot in Command.

2. Cambrai Covers products are made to a very high standard in order to maximise their life under normal conditions. Correct and tight fitting of aircraft covers is vital to maximise security. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure that covers stay on in normal weather conditions we cannot guarantee security in extreme meteorological conditions, and would recommend removal. Cambrai Covers, its owners or staff cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper fitting, howsoever caused.

3. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that our aircraft covers are a good fit, the very diverse nature of aeroplanes dictates that adjustments are sometimes necessary. These will of course be undertaken free of charge and as expeditiously as possible.

4. ORDERS. Orders should be placed in person or, in the case of commercial clients, a Company Purchase Order must be issued against which goods will be manufactured and a VAT invoice issued. We will always do our utmost to ensure that finished goods are delivered by the agreed date and to inform our clients if any delays do occur. It should be noted that Aircraft requiring measuring or unforeseen complications might extend the required manufacturing period. Cambrai Covers its owners and staff can not be held responsible for any loss or problem associated with such delays howsoever caused.

5. Quotations. We will always try to include all costs in our quotation. In unusual circumstances unforeseen complications may dictate an additional charge. We will always consult our client before undertaking work of this kind.

6. CANCELLATION. Orders can be cancelled up to the point that materials ordered for the purpose of fulfilling as clients order have been despatched by the supplier or in the case of stock materials once material processing (Cutting) has commenced. Please Note that orders can not be cancelled once material has been cut.

7. The customer is advised to ensure that, given suitable consultation, any items ordered will fulfil their requirements.

8. Title and ownership of goods, even if delivered, will not pass to the buyer until FULL payment has been received. We reserve the right to retain or re-posses part or all of any items ordered or delivered until full payment has been received. If full payment has not been received within three months of due date we reserve the right to resell items to recoup our costs. The costs of any debit recovery action will be added to the amount outstanding.

9. Payment: See Terms Below. Please make cheques payable to 'Cambrai Covers'.

Private Clients: Payment is due upon completion of your order. If paying by cash or cheque a deposit is required with your order. An invoice will be sent upon completion of the order and the goods shipped immediately upon receipt of balance due. Credit/debit Card Payments are normally drawn in full upon shipping. We do not require a deposit for credit card payments, however we may refuse a card whose expiry date falls close to our expected order completion date.

Commercial Aviation Discount: to qualify for discount we will require evidence to show that your company works in the aviation industry. Please Contact Us to set up an account before placing your order.

The following terms apply dependent upon which type of credit agreement you have requested:

14 days credit & 10% Discount Terms - Payment must arrive at our office by the due date shown on the invoice.

15% Discount terms – Payment arrangements should be made at time of order. Credit/Debit Card Payments will be drawn in full upon shipping. Pro-Forma Payments - invoice will be sent at time of order, which should be paid within 14 days. Cheques will be held until goods are shipped, thus extending your credit terms. Please make cheques payable to 'Cambrai Covers' in UK currency. Euro and US Dollar payments accepted by arrangement.

Extended credit terms available upon request.

Any amount outstanding after due date will incur interest at the rate of 8% per month until paid in full. Discount rates are set at Cambrai Covers discretion. Failure to meet these terms may result in credit terms being withdrawn.

Clients Outside UK - EC Countries. If in the EC VAT at UK rates will be added. If you wish to pay VAT at the rate applicable in your own country you must provide a valid EC VAT registration number which includes your country code.

Clients Outside UK - Non-EC Countries. Goods delivered and invoiced to countries outside the EC will not be subject to VAT.

We will be pleased to advise you of the VAT status of your country.

10. Warranty. Cambrai Covers are warrantied against faulty materials or workmanship for the following periods: Open Air Covers - 2 years. Touring Covers - 2 years. Refurbishments - 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE: 1. Warranty will only take effect once goods are paid for in full. 2. Warranty extends only to the materials from which a cover is made or from workmanship arising from its manufacture. 3. Warranty does not extend to any part of the material structure of the aircraft or airframe or airframe finishes or material fittings or fixtures. 4. Warranty extends only to repair or replacement of a cover at the discretion of Cambrai Covers.

11. Liability: Cambrai Covers the owners or employees cannot be held responsible for damage to aircraft or personal injury arising from or as a result of the use of any products, goods supplied or services provided howsoever caused. Your statutory rights are unaffected.

These terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. E&OE Cambrai Covers 1997-2008.


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