Cambrai Cover Prices - Piaggio P180 Avanti

Open Air Covers
1. Cockpit & Cabin cover - standard lining to windscreen area.
2. Cockpit & Cabin cover with ventile spacer fabric.
£To Be Confirmed
3. Engine Intake Blanks (Set of 6)
4. Engine Exhaust Blanks (Set of 4)
5. Engine Complete Nacelle (Set of 2)
6. Engine Complete Nacelle with Thermal Lining (Set of 2)
7. Propeller Tie Downs (restraints) (Set of 2)
8. Pitot Cover (Red Only) Set of 4
9. Rosemount / AOA Indicator / Ice Detector Cover (Red Only) EACH

All prices are in UK £ Sterling excluding carriage and VAT where applicable.

May 2010: We look forward to offering these covers shortly. For more information please email:

1. This cover encloses the fuselage from the point of the nose to the leading edge of the wing, covering all doors and windows.

2. This cover encloses the same area as (1) above and has an additional layer of spacer fabric inside the cover. This additional layer forms a small space bertween the cover and the fuselage skin, forming allowing increased airflow between the fuselage skin and the inside of the cover. This will aid in temperature reduction in very hot climates.

If you would like to know more about Open Air, Touring & Hangar covers please visit our Fabrics and Colour page where you will find colour samples, pictures and full descriptions.

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