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Cambrai Covers Refurbishment Services

'A stitch in time' can add years to the life of your Cover!

What do the covers look like after refurbishment? Take a look! Refurbishment Photos

How it works:

1. Complete the ORDER FORM and send it to our WORKSHOP with your cover.

2. We carry out a detailed assessment of your cover condition.

3.We will then contact you to discuss the most cost effective options.

We recommend a Type 1 Wash and Re-Proof at 2 to 3 years old, followed by a Type 2 Full Refurbishment at 4 to 5 years old. Ideally you should budget to replace your Cambrai Cover after 7 or 8 years, however ten years is a common life-span for our covers!

Type 1: Check, Wash and Re-Proof: Average cost - £195.00
Suitable for covers that are made to our current specification, this process will thoroughly clean the cover of all but the worse oil stains and will return the water proofing to as-new standard.

Type 2: The Full Refurbishment with Deep Clean Process: Average cost - £295.00 - £350.00

For covers that are older and are showing signs of wear and tear, and especially in cases where the stitching is starting to fail, a full refurbishment will raise your cover to our current specification and very serviceable standard.

We can also provide the following items:

A. Additional 'Hat' fitted to cover - £25.00.

B. Holdall for cover storage. Designed and made by Cambrai Covers specifically for cover storage. Red heavy weight waterproof fabric with strong zip closure. Medium (for cockpit & Cowling covers) - £28.00. Large - £32.00

C. Strap Weight ('Beanie') Bags - set of 4 with storage pouch on cover - £25.00. These assist in fitting your cover in windy conditions.


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