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Cambrai Touring and Hangar Covers

Diamond DA40 with Full Covers

Cambrai 'Touring Covers' are designed and manufactured to provide first class protection for your aircraft whilst away from your home base. These covers also provide perfect protection for aircraft which are normally kept permanently inside a hangar.

If your aircraft is permantently or predominently Inside covered hangars, this is the cover for you...

We manufacture many hundreds of these covers every year for delighted customers all over the world. Would you like to read some of their Testimonials?

(If your aircraft is mainly kept OUTSIDE, look at our Open Air Covers... or go BACK to 'Which Cover?')

Touring covers are a lighter weight version of our Open Air covers, but made to exactly the same standard!

Made from top quality woven Acrylic fibre, Touring Covers are showerproof and yet provide the right amount of ventilation to greatly limit cockpit condensation.

Touring covers are designed to protect your aircraft from Sun, Wind, and occasional rain and to be easily carried without compromising aircraft stowage space. Attached with straps and buckles in exactly the same way as our Open Air covers, they are simple to put on, secure and able to withstand moderately adverse outside conditions.

Touring covers will keep the interior of your aircraft dry and cool, making them perfect for Touring, weekend Rallies, Competition Aircraft and part-time out-door parking.

And if that were not enough, we include soft lining fabric in the windscreen area for extra protection... and your peace of mind! Touring covers can be supplied to cover the whole airframe, and are supplied with a bright redwaterproof carry bag.

We manufacture many of these covers every year for delighted customers all over the world, for use whilst on flying tours and as a permanent cover for many open-cockpit and fabric-covered aircraft. Would you like to read some of their Testimonials?

Cambrai Touring Covers - **Please Note** Colours are approximate - for actual fabric samples please follow the 'Information Pack' link below...

… are created with the Traveller and Sport Flyer in mind. Made from a lighter version of our 'Open Air' fabric, these covers will allow moisture to escape from inside the cover and will block out sunlight, keeping cabin temperatures under control.

Touring Red
Touring Green
Touring Blue
Touring White
Yellow Stormshield
Touring Red
Touring Green
Touring Blue
Touring White


Average weight: 2-3 kilos (4-6 lbs.)

Average Packed Size = 18" x 14" x 3" (45 x 35 x 10 cm)

Please Email us for an Information Pack, stating your full postal address, aircraft type, and registration. The pack contains the fabric samples you see above and cover information.

Information Pack


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