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Keep the sun off your head...and out of your eyes...


The photo above shows a fitted shade in the fully open position.

Fly-Tex sun shades are a very popular solution to an age-old problem - keeping cool onder a nice big canopy!

How to fit a Fly-Tex Shade...

Fitting 1

Fitting 2

1.Adjust the aluminum rail to the curvature of your cockpit hood. Pull down the rail with moderate pressure over your leg.

Fitting 3

2.Remove the locking device and insert the attachments forward into the rail. Start with the fixing screw.

Fitting 4

3.Insert the last attachment into the end of the rail.


Fitting 5

4.Click the locking device back into the rail, in front of the last attachment.

5.Now press the suctioncup to the inside center of the cockpit hood and fix them with the levers... Done!

Link to fitting video

To see a fitting tutorial video please click the button!

For full information and a chat about the benefits of a Fly-Tex shade, please email: Fly-Tex Info

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