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Cambrai Covers are specialised aircraft covers manufacturers based in Yorkshire UK: Cambrai Covers manufacture all weather protective covers for all types of single and twin engine aircraft, helicopters and classic historic aircraft. Cambrai aircraft covers are manufacturers in the UK and offer a full service of design consultancy and manufacture and refurbishment of a wide range of covers and products designed to provide protection to all parts of GA and military aircraft. As UK based aircraft covers manufacturers Cambrai Covers can supply all requirements of aircraft protection for aeroplanes in any part of the world Cambrai Aircraft Covers are manufacturers recognised the world over for accuracy in design and the highest quality manufacturing. Our products are used by the world wide aviation industry, general aviation and military aviation. Cambrai aircraft covers manufacturers make covers for high wing, low wing and rotary wing aircraft with single and twin engines propellers and are UK and European agent for Cessna Ventube kit and Airflow Enhancement kit. Cambrai are recognised as Europe wide aircraft covers manufacturers. We supply aircraft covers that provide protection for all climates, hot, cold wet, in hangars or in the open air and seat cushions to military specification. Cambrai covers offer a full refurbishment and waterproofing service for your aircraft covers. From our UK base we supply Europe with protective covers for all aircraft Cessna Vent tube kits and Cessna airflow enhancement kits: Cambrai Covers is the UK agent for Cessna Ventube Kit and Airflow Enhancement kit Cambrai Covers provide design consultancy for all GA general aviation protection requirements, aircraft covers manufacture, seat cushions and reproduction of aircraft parts in fabric leather and foam. Aircraft Covers Manufacturers UK Refurbishment Services Links Testimonials Aircraft Covers Article Contact Us Should I Cover my Aircraft Fabrics and Colours Information Price & Pattern List List Of Covers In Stock Ordering Picture Gallery Care & Fitting High Wing Care & Fitting Low Wing FAQ Terms and Conditions Whats new FLIGHT DESIGN CT2K Aero L39 Albatross Aero L29 Delphin Cessna FRA150L - AEROBAT De Havilland Prices Twin B Jabiru UL Page.htm Robin Prices Motor Glider A Prices High Wing B Jabiru Prices Low Wing C Cessna T303 - CRUSADER Bell 47 Luscombe 8A - Silvaire Prices Bi-Plane C Yak 50 Cessna R172K - HAWK XP Bulldog Prices Bi-Plane B Prices Twin A YAK Beech B55 - Baron Bulldog Series 120 Model 121 Socata TB20 PZL Wilga Prices Gliders A Beech King Air 350 Pattern Prices Twin C AVIAT A-1B - Husky Socata TBM700 Pattern Beagle Aircraft DORNIER C-3605 Piper PA-34-200 - Seneca Prices Jet A T67M260 Extra Cessna F177RG - CARDINAL RG ENGLISH ELECTRIC - CANBERRA B6 Aero Prices High Wing A Prices Low Wing A Prices Low Wing B Beech Prices High Wing C Prices Twin D Cessna Page Cessna 560 - CITATION ULTRA ENCORE CHAMPION-BELLANCA 7GCBC - CITABRIA Chrislea Super Ace Yak 11 Prices Bi-Plane A De Havilland Tiger Moth Diamond DA40 TDI Pattern Enstrom 480 Hughes 500 Prices Low Wing C(R) Zenair Page Jabiru J400 Pattern Piper Piper PA-23-250 - AZTEC Prices Low Wing D Rockwell Slingsby Socata Socata TB9 Socata TB10 Sukhoi SU26 Yak 52 Zenair Zodiac CH 601HD Cambrai Covers Aerials Extra 300L Robin 3000 Beagle B121 Series 2 Piper PA-28R-201 - Cherokee Arrow III Piper PA-28R-201T - Turbo Cherokee Arrow III Piper PA-32 - Cherokee Six Rockwell Commander 114 Our Holiday Cottage Ventube Airflow Kit