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Cambrai MVP Moisture Vapour Prevention Engine Storage Covers

RR Trent ready for  storage
RR Trent 500 MVP
RR Trent ready for  storage
MVP Cover on RR Trent 500 - Exhaust MVP Cover on RR Trent 500 - Intake MVP Cover on A330 / RR Trent 700

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Storage of large jet engines is always a challenge. Removing them to in-hangar storage incurs the dual cost of removal and replacement, inhibiting and de-inhibiting. Add to this hire of a storage dolly, an engine cover for the dolly, periodical inspection, not to mention hangar space for the engine and parking space for the de-engined's a very costly process and not made any less so due to the additional downtime necessary.

But leaving the engines on the wing brings its own issues. ...

...the last thing anyone needs is unservicable equipment due to lack of protection, leading to failed missions.

That's where Cambrai Covers step in...

Our UK facility has design, prototype and manufacturing capabilities, creating bespoke protection for your Aircraft and AGE... that a single cover, a planned entire fleet or Urgent Opertaional Requirement (UOR).

Typhoon Wing Tip Pod Cover

Typhoon Thermal Protective Wing Tip Pod cover

 Designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards required for Defence Aircraft and Aircraft Ground Equipment,

these covers will provide Protection from Sun, Heat, Sand, Fine Dust, Wind, Rain, Snow and Ice

    Fast Deployment

    No Special Tools Needed

    Minimum Packed Size and Weight

Cambrai Covers have a wide range of Capabilities:

Fabric Covers for Canopies, Engines, Tyres

Proven scratch-prevention Canopy linings

Thermal Lined covers to Maintain Heating or Cooling

Engine Covers, Blanks, Plugs & Bungs

"Duramould" Rubber Blanks and Protectors

Fully-Bonded Moisture Vapour-proof Covers

Active VpCI Anti-Corrosion Covers and Surface Treatments

Covers for Ground Equipment - GPU, FRGCC, Aircraft Fuel Tanks etc





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